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Australia is the second largest country in the world and relatively smaller in terms of population. Moreover, it has a very powerful economic system – making it one of the richest and top trading nations in the world. It has vast reserves of oil, but majorly depends on exporting food, minerals and energy. Politically, the Australia follows the British pattern of parliamentary democracy as a federation of former British colonies. The monarch of UK is considered the head of the state. With a lot of cultural autonomy, the indigenous people constitute up to 4% of the total population in Australia.

Increasing Popularity of Education and Migration in Australia:

Providing multicultural education in changing global economy, Australia has a lot to give in terms of immigration and economic opportunity. With a great economic success, Australia has the charm of attracting international students and skilled talent from all across the world. There are many advantages for international students who wish to study in Australia.

  • Education at low fees and scholarship options
  • Employment opportunities – on and off campus, 20 hours/week
  • Research options in many disciplines
  • Multilingual community – English and French commonly spoken
  • Immigration – work permit along with student visa
Education System in Australia:

The country has both private and publicly funded education facilities. Ranging from schools, community colleges, technical institutes, higher education colleges, universities and more – Canada is an education superpower of the world. Education institutions in the country are not officially ranked, but high quality education is standard all across Canada.

With high quality education and immigration benefits, there is no better country for international students than Canada. These factors along with great opportunities make Canada an attractive pole for immigrants. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Canada’s annual immigration flow, at 0.7 per cent of its population, is now proportionately one of the highest.

Increasing Popularity of Education and Migration in Australia

With options in transit, single-entry and multiple-entry visas, Canada has a lot of visa categories for the immigrants to choose from. On the contrary, the Canadian immigration/migration laws are also complex and dynamically changing. At CECA, we recommend to consult reliable migration consultants for updated information and visa processing advice.

  • Skilled workers and professionals – For people who want to settle and work in Canada (outside of Quebec)
  • Quebec Immigration – For people selected by the Quebec government to settle and work in Quebec Canadian Experience Class – For people who have recent Canadian work experience or have graduated and recently worked in Canada.
  • Investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed people – For people who want to start a business in Canada
  • Sponsoring your family – For permanent resident or a Canadian citizen
  • Study permits – For people who want to study in Canada on a temporary basis